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  • Cathedral Limestone Tiles
    From £614.40 inc vat
  • Minster Antiqued Limestone Tiles
    From £611.40 inc vat
  • Perpignan Limestone Tiles
    £73.98 inc vat
  • Winchester Limestone Tiles
    From £761.50 inc vat
  • Artemis Glass Mosiac Stone Tiles
  • Benjamin Mosaic Tiles
    £21.78 inc vat
  • Costello Mosaic Tiles
    £28.44 inc vat
  • Dahli Beige Brick Mosaic
    £24.72 inc vat
  • Dahli Black Brick Mosaic Tiles
    £24.72 inc vat
  • Dahli Grey Brick Mosaic Tiles
    £24.72 inc vat
  • Eden Mosaic Tiles
    £25.37 inc vat
  • Ethan Mosaic Tiles
    £21.76 inc vat
  • Italia Mosaic Tiles
    £20.64 inc vat
  • Katrina Mosaic Tiles
    £22.74 inc vat
  • Koray Mosaic Tiles
    £16.44 inc vat
  • Lin Mosaic Tiles
    £22.66 inc vat
  • Madeira Mosaic Tiles
    £21.46 inc vat
  • Michelle Mosaic Tiles
    £20.87 inc vat
  • Milano Trinity Mosaic Tiles
    £18.59 inc vat
  • Monaco Glass Mosaic Tiles
    £17.26 inc vat
  • Monte Carlo Mosaic Tiles
    £21.78 inc vat
  • Pearl Brick Mosaic Tiles
    £26.40 inc vat
  • Pearl Square Mosaic Tiles
    £26.40 inc vat
  • Polinyo Mosaic Tiles
    £23.59 inc vat

Explore our collection of distinctive, natural stone flooring! | ✅ With FREE DELIVERY & EXPERT ADVICE ✅ | The finest quality stone, boasting exceptional breadth and beauty | Unique, luxury Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, Marble and much more! | Expertly selected, full of character for a sleek, high-end finish | Transform your period home now!


Here at Period Property Store, we are dedicated to providing a beautiful and distinctive collection of stone flooring for your home, whether traditional or contemporary in style. We only stock products from suppliers that manufacture the highest quality tiles so that you can have piece of mind in your newly decorated property.


Our stone tiles are provided by Marshalls Tile & Stone and Ca’Pietra - both of which are renowned for their premium designs that incorporate materials from around the world. Marshalls suppliers have been bringing a touch of elegance to period homes since the 1890s, when they started to supply natural stone. They have also offered natural stone tiles and mosaics for over 20 years.  Ca’ Pietra is a family run business with 25 years experience - producing luxury tile designs in a range of materials from natural stone to innovative, modern materials. Their mission is to make it as easy as possible for their customers to use high-quality materials to improve their home. 


Our suppliers are committed to sourcing the finest quality stone to create products with exceptional breadth and beauty. They ensure this quality by sourcing the finest natural stone in the world, alongside their beautiful collection of mosaics, porcelain and encaustic tiles. Our suppliers are passionate about the appeal of natural stone, its beauty and durability, and the fact that is always has a story to tell; where did it come from? What historical landmarks have used the same material? Each piece is unique, and unlike anything that any other home will possess. We offer a wide range of natural stone flooring, including Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine, Marble and much more. 


Over their time in the industry, our suppliers have become synonymous with exceptional standards. Their products possess a range of colours and textures with remarkable strength and durability. They are devoted to bringing you the very latest trends in interior surfaces so that you can fill your home with character. Their raw stone is expertly selected to ensure that your projects achieve a high-end, sleek finish - offering tried and test quality. 


Here at Period Property Store, we appreciate the beauty that natural stone possesses as it transforms your home or project. Character, practicality and exceptional durability make stone the perfect choice for your flooring.