Wallpaper Advice

Internal walls and ceilings
Pack Sizes: Roll. Each roll measures approximately 52cm (20½”) wide by 10.05m (11yds) long. Area = 5.2sq m (56.3sq ft)
Colour Range: See pattern book.
Environment: Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards. All products are technically supported by an ethical policy regarding sourcing of base materials and health and safety information on wallcovering products
Technical Information: Print Substrate High grade paper from environmentally managed sources
Existing wallcoverings and linings must be removed. Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth. Mould contamination must be treated with a proprietary mould cure wash before decorating. New plaster or other absorbent surfaces should be pre-treated with a fungicidally protected adhesive or ‘size’. Gloss painted surfaces need to be roughened with sandpaper. If lining paper is used it should be hung horizontally.

Use Little Greene Ready Mixed Wallpaper Paste in accordance with the instructions on the pack
1. Measure 50cm (20”) out from a corner on a wall adjacent to a window wall and use a plumb line to draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor.
2. Cut the rolls of wallcovering to the required length allowing for pattern match and trimming.
3. Apply paste evenly ensuring that the edges are covered. (NB: for non - woven papers follow instructions on the label to paste the wall)
4. fold, keeping the pasted side against itself, and leave to soak for 5 minutes.
5. Slide into position aligning one edge of the wallpaper to the vertical line. The other edge should overlap around the corner by 20mm. Smooth away air bubbles with a brush starting from the centre and squeezing out to the edge. Take care to ensure that you do not transfer paste from the wall onto the surface of the paper.
6. Trim top and bottom.
7. Repeat process with other lengths, butting edges together and matching pattern as necessary. Use a vinyl overlap adhesive where slight overlapping is unavoidable.
8.Wipe away any surplus paste immediately ensuring that you do not transfer paste from the wall onto the surface of the paper.
9. Ensure that you hang each length of wallpaper in the correct direction.
Clean up

Equipment should be cleaned with clean water and a mild detergent immediately after use.
Check all room lots for colour and batch codes. Check each length for faults/shading before hanging. After 2 or 3 lengths, check again. If a fault is found stop decorating and immediately report it to your retailer. Claims can not be accepted for paper hung in excess of one roll where a fault could not reasonably be recognised before hanging. Always read the wallpaper label and instructions on the paste before use.