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  • The Draycott Cast Iron Flanged Upright Rim Lock 3"
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Latch
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 6" Flanged Rim Latch
  • The Somerford Rim Lock
    £326.89 inc vat
  • The Somerford Rim Latch
    £214.24 inc vat
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Deadlock
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Lock
    £256.97 inc vat
  • The Somerford Rim Lock with Euro Cylinder and Thumbturn
  • Somerford Beggar Latch
    £148.54 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Upright Rim Lock 2.5"
    £240.10 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Rim Lock 6"
    £356.46 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Rim Latch 8"
    £375.62 inc vat
  • The Somerford Bathroom Latch
    £243.64 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Rim Lock 5"
    £363.85 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Rim Latch 5"
    £251.20 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Deadlock 5"
    £363.85 inc vat
  • The Beckbury Flanged Rim Lock
    £363.85 inc vat
  • The Beckbury Upright Flanged Rim Lock 2.5"
    £258.53 inc vat
  • The Beckbury Flanged Rim Latch
    £251.11 inc vat
  • Somerford Upright Rim Lock 7"
    £635.28 inc vat
  • Old Yale Tandem Nightlatch
    £415.67 inc vat
  • Two Bolt Gate Lock
    £264.50 inc vat
  • Deadlock Gate Lock
    £245.98 inc vat
  • Weighted Mortice Lock
    £367.56 inc vat

Get precise and beautifully crafted locks and door furniture with ✅ FREE DELIVERY ✅ EXPERT ADVICE | Brass locks, hand measured & filed and individually inspected with passion from Period Property Store | Skilled locksmiths use tried and tested techniques, passed down by generations | British craftsmanship, fine materials and high standards for your home!

Established in 1971, The Quality Lock Company produce locks and door furniture for your home. From their humble beginnings, the business began as a small shed business, much like the majority of the Willenhall lock trade. Through carefully selecting the best regional craftsmen, the business grew by word of mouth recommendations and their commitment to ensuring that each lock is manufactured to perfection. 


At The Quality Lock Company, craftsmen honour their working heritage by using tried and tested, traditional techniques passed down through generations, from the forefathers of the Willenhall lock making industry. Their locks are hand measured, hand filed and individually inspected to give the finest finish. Each component is crafted individually by hand from brass, giving their catalogue of products an exceptional appearance, as well as possessing unrivalled durability and premium quality - suitable for the finest establishments in the country.


The company’s skilled locksmiths manufacture each product from start to finish, and take great pride in maintaining the reputation for craftsmanship that The Quality Lock Company are renowned for. With their traditional workshop, the brand uses modern knowledge in the manufacturing industry to produce locks that are precise and beautifully crafted down to the last detail. High-quality finishes are achieved with care and expertise in their polishing shop. For the final assembly, every component is carefully placed and tested to certify that the finished lock works to The Quality Lock Company’s exacting standards. 


Since the 16th century, Willenhall has been famous for lock-making. Rich in coal and iron, the area has long been famous for its backyard workshops and ‘brew houses’ where entire families were employed to craft locks. At its peak in the mid-18th century, most households were rooted within the town’s lock making heritage. Since then, the industrial revolution established Willenhall as the heart of the UK’s lock making industry - producing premium, handcrafted locks with higher standards as the years passed. 


The Quality Lock Company are proud of their heritage, and as such uphold the traditions of their trade to this day. They combine the true hallmarks of British craftsmanship, using only the finest principles and materials to achieve manufacturing excellence.