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  • Wall Lantern Weathered Brass - Clear Glass
    £829.00 inc vat
  • Pendant Lantern - Weathered Brass, Clear Glass
  • Mast Light, Mains Voltage + LED Lamp
    £299.00 inc vat
  • Mast Light with Cast Transformer Box
    £415.00 inc vat
  • Mast Light
    £235.00 inc vat
  • Yacht Ventilator Cover
    £175.00 inc vat
  • Motorboat Ventilator Cover
    £175.00 inc vat
  • 7001 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead for GLS
    £210.00 inc vat
  • 7001 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead for CFL
    £259.00 inc vat
  • 7003 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead with Guard for GLS
  • 7003 Oval Aluminium Bulkhead with Guard for CFL
  • 7027 Brass Bulkhead with Internal Fixing Points
  • 7028 Brass Bulkhead with Internal Fixing Points
  • Yacht Brass Bulkhead
    £185.00 inc vat
  • 7029 Brass Bulkhead with External Fixing via Feet
  • 7030 Brass Bulkhead with External Fixing via Feet
  • Oval Brass Bulkhead with Internal Fixing
    £259.00 inc vat
  • Ship's Small Decklight
    £545.00 inc vat
  • Ship's Small Decklight, Wall Light, Corner Fork
  • Ship's Small Decklight, Wall Light
    £599.00 inc vat
  • School Wall Light
    £299.00 inc vat
  • School Light
    £299.00 inc vat
  • Ship's Companionway Light
    £375.40 inc vat
  • Miniature Ship's Companionway Light
    £325.00 inc vat

We have over 300 Original BTC lights in our collection with ✅ FREE DELIVERY ✅ EXPERT ADVICE | Illuminate your home with rugged industrial sophistication from Period Property Store | Original BTC combine traditional craftsmanship and innovation with their signature translucent bone china shades | Get on trend industrial lighting for your home now!


Established in 1990, Original BTC started out their journey as an Oxford-based lighting store, headed by Peter Bowles. Since then they have grown rapidly, becoming synonymous with industrial elegance and rugged design. They supply both retail and contract markets around the world with an emphasis on the hotel, restaurant and aeronautical industries.


Original BTC honours British heritage and artisanal craftsmanship here in Great Britain. Owner Peter Bowles embarked upon a journey to become a classic British lighting brand inspired by a family history in production.


It all started with Peter’s grandfather, who was chairman of Minty Furniture of Oxford until the business was later bought out by competitor Cornwell Parker. During his time as director, he mentored his son - Peter’s father - and sparked an interest in manufacturing in a new generation. Peter’s father then went on to open 1960s lighting retailer Cosmo Designs. Where Peter’s father found his feet at Minty, Peter followed his footsteps after he became inspired by the intricacies of his father’s factory production lines and manufacturing facilities.


Before deciding to pursue lighting, Peter worked for a French cutlery company where his love for the industrial only grew with his involvement in the “crash, bang, wallop of production.” Seeking to make his own production company, he went on to open a cutlery manufacturer where he produced one million pieces of originally designed cutlery a year, before starting to realise the pitfalls of the industry. Cutlery didn’t allow for unique innovation and the creative freedom that Peter craved, and as such he had to move on to lighting and Original BTC.


Peter’s designs draw on the clean, traditional industrial lines and shapes that he witnessed in factory settings. The simple yet classical hallmarks of this style make for a catalogue of lights that fit his original goal “to design and produce lights that you are instantly at home with, that will fit easily and comfortably for many years to come.”  The Original BTC collection possesses an enchanting timelessness, a quality that resonates with customers for years - something uniquely beautiful and identifiable.


He curates this signature style through two means: traditional craftsmanship and artistic innovation. His home life was responsible for the inception of the now trademark cotton weave power braid - an idea inspired by Peter’s family iron. This makes for a distinctive visual motif that is also tactile and unconventional. He pursued the utilisation of different materials further with the concept of ceramic shades. Translucent, alluring bone china is used to produce exciting shapes that come to life with the warm glow of light. The various dips and intricacies of his shades are evidence of Peter’s eye for detail and perfection.


On his journey to achieve esteemed status as a British manufacturer, Peter decided to rescue failing bone china factories in Stoke-on-Trent - the heart of the ceramic industry in the UK. The local manufacturing heritage of the Potteries has been remembered, with factories now producing beautiful shades for Original BTC. Across the West Midlands, Peter has come to the aid of metalworks and glassworks in and around Birmingham. These factories, again, now solely manufacture different elements of Original BTC's lighting.