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Buy the full range of Olde English Tiles with ✅ FREE DELIVERY ✅ EXPERT ADVICE | Exquisite, custom designed, timeless tiles from Period Property Store | Vitrified Encaustic tiles | Impervious to water, weather resistant, colour retentive | Traditional, period-inspired Georgian, Victorian, Federation inspired tiles in tessellated and mosaic styles!

Olde English Tiles are expertly crafted, beautiful pieces that are designed to bring out the best of your period or modern property. The design possibilities are endless with these exquisitely designed, customisable tiles. Heritage-inspired, timeless appeal and age-old craftsmanship combine to create Old English Tiles. 

Behind each of their tiles lies a story, with designs spanning back from the Georgian era, through to Victorian, Federation and into the late twentieth century.  Their tessellated and mosaic tiles are produced in a factory that is 150 years old in Northern France - this is a brand that is not afraid of embracing past manufacturing principles to create tiles that endure. Made from fully vitrified porcelain, their tiles are impervious to water, incredibly durable, weather resistant and colour retentive. From picking the right pattern for your space through to laying the tiles, special care is taken every step of the way for a premium service. 

The wonderful thing about Olde English Tiles is that they're available in a wide range of colours, both period specific and contemporary. With all of the options that you can choose from, it's much easier to mix and match the right tiles with the particular look you have going for your room or space. Ideal to be used for interior or exterior spaces, Olde English Tiles are also frost resistant.  This means that you can rest assured that your tiles will be fine even during the Winter season if placed outside. Furthermore, Olde English Tiles are available in a wide array of shapes and patterns. From hexagons to octagons as well as non-slip options, the choice is pretty much endless!

Founder Antonino Gaudioso pioneered the tessellated tile industry over 50 years ago, breathing life back into an industry that had been forgotten. The tradition, beauty and know how with which the business was built still holds true today. With their unparalleled tile knowledge, Olde English has been called on to develop projects by the National Trust, numerous state and local governments, as well as leading Australian and overseas designers. 

Over time, the brand has refined their operations to ensure that every single one of their clients can customise their design to their exact specifications. This bespoke service means that Olde English will come out to your home and sit down with you to create something unique for your property. If you live in a period home, Olde English are also experts in reinstating original surfaces to their former glory. 

From one generation to the next, over the years their skills and passion have been passed down to ensure that Olde English always deliver on premium concepts and tiling solutions. Whether you’d like to create an awe-inspiring grand entrance with tessellated tiles or design your personalised period bathroom, they’re sure to have the tiles for you.