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Kirkpatrick is an ironwork manufacturer that was founded in 1855. The Walsall, West Midlands based business later incorporated in 1901 with shares being owned by the founder, his family and employees who had been with the company for many years. Several descendants of the original shareholders still own a piece of the company, including the Kirkpatrick family.

Black ironmongery was originally bustling in the Midlands, but over time, competitors in the Midlands and elsewhere fell away. Today, local companies sadly use metal from other countries or inferior imported goods from abroad with questionable composition. Through it all, Kirkpatrick has been a producer of quality ironmongery products, such as casement stays and fasteners to secure windows, cabinet pulls, knobs and handles, and various fitting and fixtures for doors and gates.

Kirkpatrick Traditional Ironmongery

The company continues to operate from its headquarters in Walsall as it has for the last 160 years. Indeed, it holds product catalogues from decades past which confirms that their product line has remained consistent over the decades. However, it has evolved with the times. Designs have changed to suit modern tastes, technology, and the requirement for improved security.

The company produces fasteners and locks with better security than ever before. These rely on their ironwork with metal still poured in the UK for their dependable ironwork door, window, storage chest and cabinet furniture accessory products. They’ve also moved beyond ironwork to products suitable for the latest generation of uPVC doors and windows too. Homeowners who trust the Kirkpatrick brand need not switch to another company to secure their modern uPVC windows and doors too.

The extended heritage that Kirkpatrick proudly has includes stopping commercial production at its ironworks only during two extended periods. The first was during World War I and the second was for World War II. The company changed production to provide support for the ongoing war effort, and only following the Allied victory did they return to the traditional manufacturing of their range of ironworks products for the UK market and abroad.

Kirkpatrick Wrought Ironmongery Stockists

Ironmongery is an intensive process. There’s no instant-gratification about producing a dependable door knocker, door knob, bolt and lock, letter plate, or lever handle. Every individual product is handcrafted by their team over a period of six weeks. Their goal is to manufacture products of superior quality, durability and attractiveness that have a lifetime application. In an age where products tend to break after only a year or two of use, Kirkpatrick remain resolute in their commitment to value. This also helps them to stand apart from inferior imported alternatives which tend to require replacing in a few short years when they’ve come apart.

The company’s knowledge is passed down through long-standing employees, many of whom have been there for decades. Their craftmanship is a testament to a dedicated focus on quality and technical knowledge. The company retains staff who often get promoted through the ranks helping to guide the next generation. As the sole British-based ironmongery that still pours its own metal, professionalism and a 160-year heritage is of paramount importance.

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