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  • Weighted Mortice Lock
    £328.18 inc vat
  • Two Bolt Gate Lock
    £236.16 inc vat
  • The Somerford Rim Lock with Euro Cylinder and Thumbturn
  • The Somerford Rim Lock
    £291.86 inc vat
  • The Somerford Rim Latch
    £191.28 inc vat
  • The Somerford Bathroom Latch
    £217.54 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Rim Lock 5"
    £324.86 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Rim Latch 5"
    £224.28 inc vat
  • The Millbrook Flanged Deadlock 5"
    £324.86 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Upright Rim Lock 2.5"
    £214.37 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Rim Lock 6"
    £318.26 inc vat
  • The Kingswood Rim Latch 8"
    £335.38 inc vat
  • The Draycott Cast Iron Flanged Upright Rim Lock 3"
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 6" Flanged Rim Latch
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Lock
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Latch
  • The Draycott Cast Iron 5" Flanged Rim Deadlock
  • The Beckbury Upright Flanged Rim Lock 2.5"
  • The Beckbury Flanged Rim Lock
    £324.86 inc vat
  • The Beckbury Flanged Rim Latch
    £224.21 inc vat
  • Somerford Upright Rim Lock 7"
    £567.22 inc vat
  • Somerford Beggar Latch
    £132.62 inc vat
  • Reeded Door Ball Knob
    £120.05 inc vat
  • Old Yale Tandem Nightlatch
    £371.14 inc vat

Explore our range of expertly crafted Door Furniture with FREE DELIVERY & EXPERT ADVICE | Create an authentic, traditional aesthetic with Period Property Store | handles, hinges, bolts, hooks, locks and much more! | Beeswax, black, antique brass & pewter, polished chrome finishes | Our suppliers have over 40 years experience!  

Here at Period Property Store, we provide a large range of door furniture for your period or country home. These are pieces that add great finishing touches to your property for an authentic feeling throughout. Our door furniture is produced by From The Anvil and Croft. With over 40 years of experience, our suppliers produce handcrafted architectural hardware using traditional techniques. 


Our collection of door furniture includes handles, hinges, bolts, hooks, locks and much more. Each piece is made from mild steel, brass or pewter and come in a range of finishes such as beeswax, black, antique pewter, brass and polished chrome. A strong team of creative individuals produce beautifully handled, functional ironmongery to improve the aesthetic of your home or next project. 


At the start of their journey nearly twenty years ago, From The Anvil started out with around fifty classically inspired designs. These products were hand-forged from mild steel on a blacksmith's anvil and dipped into hot beeswax, achieving a wholly authentic feeling. Since then, the range has grown dramatically to over two thousand product lines, now incorporating CNC technology and hot forging in combination with traditional anvil hammer work. Even now, though, the brand's first, iconic items are their bestsellers - breathing rugged tradition and stellar craftsmanship into every home that they enter. Following the introduction of hand-forged doorstops, curtain finials and cupboard knobs, the company has become the largest UK manufacturer of ironmongery.


The styles that we offer include art deco, Gothic shapes and medieval looks, distressed brass, Victorian and Georgian styles. Here at Period Property Store we have a huge range of over one thousand ironmongery products.