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  • Hammered Cushion Knob on Plain Covered Rose
    £247.63 inc vat
  • Hammered Oval Knob on Plain Covered Rose
    £236.86 inc vat
  • Hammered Cushion Knob Furniture
    £183.66 inc vat
  • Hammered Oval Mortice Knob Furniture
    £175.64 inc vat
  • Quartet Appliance Pull
    £120.00 inc vat
  • Hex Appliance Pull
    £96.00 inc vat
  • Round Appliance Pull
    £72.00 inc vat
  • Drayton Pull
    £72.00 inc vat
  • Elegance Appliance Pull
    £96.00 inc vat
  • Croc Cabinet Knob
    £127.80 inc vat
  • Croc Cabinet Handle
    £127.80 inc vat
  • Wave Cabinet Knob
    £105.00 inc vat
  • Wave Cabinet Handle
    £105.00 inc vat
  • Lunar Cabinet Knob
    £105.00 inc vat
  • Lunar Cabinet Handle
    £105.00 inc vat
  • Hudson Cabinet Pull
    £36.00 inc vat
  • Regal Pull
    £48.00 inc vat
  • Hale Pull
    £48.00 inc vat
  • Icon Cabinet Handle
    £60.00 inc vat
  • Fusion Cabinet Handle
    £60.00 inc vat
  • Pillow Cabinet Handle
    £60.00 inc vat
  • Diamond Silhouette Cabinet Handle
    £60.00 inc vat
  • Elegance Cabinet Handle
    £48.00 inc vat
  • 57mm Mushroom Mortice/Rim Knob Set
    £56.77 inc vat RRP £70.97 inc vat | Save: £14.20 inc vat

Explore our full range of cabinet furniture with FREE DELIVERY & EXPERT ADVICE  | Enhance the details of your home with Period Property Store | Handcrafted, artisanal quality pieces in antique brass, rosewood, polished brass, pewter, ebony and nickel finishes! | Completely original, authentic designs!

Here at Period Property Store, we supply a huge collection of cabinet furniture for your period home. In achieving your desired aesthetic, these pieces enhance the details of your interior spaces by providing a great deal of character. Our ironmongery products are produced by From The Anvil and Croft. Our suppliers have over fourty years experience in the architectural hardware industry, producing beautiful, handcrafted pieces. 


Our collection of cabinet furniture includes hinges, hooks, bolts, pull handles and latches. These products incorporate antique brass, rosewood, pewter, polished brass, ebony and nickel finishes. Forging with mild steel and hot forging from brass are the principles that make our ironmongery unique. 


The handcrafted, artisanal quality of production that our suppliers utilise means that no two products are ever the same. This means that you can rest assured that each item you buy for your home from us is completely authentic. Each item is a unique yet functional work of art skilfully procured by one of their master craftsmen, ensuring that even the finest details of your home are perfectly formed and stunning.