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Cast Iron Bath Finishes


At Hurlingham Baths, they believe that you should never have to settle or compromise but rather your bath should be an extension of your individual decor decisions. This is why they offer a customer paint finish. Hurlingham Baths can replicate any paint hue including all of the Farrow and Ball range. You can also choose from a full selection of liquid metal paint finishes.

For those more unusual selections all we need is a physical sample and Hurlingham Baths will transform your bath into the stand out item you desire in no time at all!

Painted Hurlingham Baths



Choose from a selection of rich high quality leathers in a number of warm finishes to either create a full surround or a luxurious rim.

Hurlingham Baths cut the leather to the individual bath template (4pieces in total) with each seam being stitched. Prior to fitting the leather, the bath is sanded down to the smoothest possible finish to ensure there are no blemishes in the final finish. Once satisfied, a first stage glue is applied to the bath and left to set. We then stretch the leather and apply the second stage of glue before bonding the leather to the bath itself which is then left to dry.

Only when the craftsman is fully satisfied, the bath will have the final stage of water proofing spray applied which is repeated three times to fully protect the bath. This final process allows the baths to be used as much as desired without worrying about any damage occurring to the leather.

Leather Hurlingham Baths



First they take a swatch of the material to ensure it is of a high enough quality to undergo the fitting and water proofing process. Once approved the cloth is transferred to the cutting table in preparation of creating the perfect templates for the bath. Aspects that need to be taken in to consideration are the pile of the fabric and the best direction to have it applied to the bath. Also the pattern will need to be taken in to account and a template created which best highlights the design.

Once they are happy they have the best possible templates they carefully cut out the various pieces. A heat proof adhesive is applied to both the bath and the fabric and the material is rolled into place and pressure applied to smooth out any imperfections or air bubbles. Throughout the entire process particular care is taken to ensure all seam lines are perfect. Finally three coats of special water proofing spray are applied. This gives the bath a fully waterproofed exterior allowing it to be used just like any other item within the bathroom.

Fabric Hurlingham Baths


A similar process to the fabric exterior is used to identify suitable types of material. They then mark out the perfect line for the braid to follow and use this to attach the selected design to the bath. Again like before they then waterproof the braiding to allow for everyday use within the bathroom.

Braided Hurlingham Baths

Hand Guilded

Hurlingham Hand Gilded service offers you a most unique and opulent finish. From a selection of real or faux gold, copper, pewter and bronze leaf, we give you the opportunity to create one of the most lavish and bespoke baths available, elevating the design of your bathroom to new heights.

The hand gilding of baths is a highly skilled process carried out over several phases. Several different leaf finishes are available, all of which can be bespoke to your requirements. Customers are welcome to discuss their design objectives with the Hurlingham Bath gilders. If a variegated leaf or paint finish is chosen, a completely random and irregular effect can be expected.

Hand Gilded Hurlingham Baths