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  • PU 280 Quick Drying Primer/Liquid DPM Moisture Barrier
  • MS 260 18kg Wooden Flooring Adhesive
    £150.00 inc vat
  • MS 230 18Kg Wooden Flooring Adhesive
    £135.00 inc vat
  • Hardwax Oil Colour Tone 120 - Teak (Ultra)
    £29.88 inc vat
  • Hardwax Oil Colour Tone 190 - Ebony (Ultra)
    £29.88 inc vat
  • Hardwax Oil Colour Tone 182 - Medium Oak (Ultra)
  • Hardwax Oil Colour Tone 180 - Chocolate (Ultra)
  • Hardwax Oil Ultra 230 - Clear Satin
    £5.95 inc vat
  • Hardwax Oil Ultra 220 - Clear Matt
    £5.95 inc vat
  • External Oak - Virgin Oak
    £28.99 inc vat
  • External Oak Protection
    £28.99 inc vat
  • Liquid Floor Care 1160 - Cleans & Maintains Hardwax Oil Floors
  • Cedar Oil UV Resistant 2.5Ltr
    £64.69 inc vat
  • Lincrusta Surface Degreaser (500ml)
    £12.84 inc vat
  • Lincrusta Adhesive
    £16.06 inc vat
  • Palm Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Tropical Leaf Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Fanfare Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Tapestry Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Passeri Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Neo Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Rocco Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Kelmscott Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat
  • Gothic Dado Wallpaper
    £283.55 inc vat

Period Property Store stocks a vast arrange of products ideal for the care and maintenance of your period house. Whether you have a beautiful Victorian terrace or an elegant Edwardian Villa, the products we have chosen to stock are produced using the highest quality materials and highest standards to ensure you get the protection and care you require. We stock brands including Lithofin, Osmo, Treatex and Fiddes. We have dedicated products for cleaning reproduction or original Victorian quarry tiles, waxing and oiling original wood flooring and sealants to make your surfaces resistant to everyday grime and dirt. We also have a fantastic range of Little Greene paints and wallpapers that are produced using traditional methods and reproduce those heritage colours and patterns ideal to give that authentic feel for your period property.