Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Period Property

Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Your Period Property

Tiles have a unique impact on your home, whether you’re planning to use them to adorn your entrance hall or your kitchen splashback. Knowing where to start with various styles, finishes and materials can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to help you to achieve period style with different tile types.

Here at Period Property Store, you’ll find a vast array of choices to inspire your inner interior designer. When choosing tiles, you have many options to consider, including encaustic, mosaic, tessellated, terrazzo, Minton-inspired, single coloured, patterned, matt and gloss tile looks. The floor tiles that we sell are produced by Olde English Tiles and Ca’Pietra.

Ca’Pietra produces premium, luxury tile designs and has over 25 years in the tile industry, utilising stone, ceramic and innovative materials to create tiles that are bound to bring your home to life with style and texture. Our suppliers are committed to sourcing the best quality materials in the world - whether you’re looking for natural stone, encaustic tiles, porcelain or mosaics. Their collection of hand-made decorative tiles are made using encaustic technique for maximum colour and pattern retention for years to come. Ca’pietra has a passion for the appeal of natural stone and its story; where did the stone come from? What historical landmarks have used the same material? Each piece that they produce is unique and unlike anything else that any other home will possess.

Olde English Tiles are experts in the creation of striking Minton style tiles in a range of artistic styles - from modern Geometrics to traditional Victorian aesthetics. Their tiles really focus on highlighting your home’s architectural and original features if you have a period property. The design possibilities are endless with Olde English and their exquisitely crafted, customisable tiles. The company is not afraid of using tried and tested manufacturing principles spanning generations to produce tiles that endure. Made from fully vitrified porcelain, their tiles extremely durable.


Our Minton-inspired tiles are produced by Olde English Tiles. The great thing about these tiles is that they are impervious to water, weather resistant and colour retentive, so you can’t go wrong. We’ve all seen traditional Victorian entryways and halls, with their defining Minton tile flooring. In style with Victorian principles, the use of tiles in this way was initially an ostentatious statement of wealth for upper and middle classes, following the boom of the Industrial Revolution. Where possible, homeowners started to infuse their homes with lavish features and details to express their fortune wherever possible. This was popular especially among the middle classes, who gained access to more furniture and decoration possibilities during the revolution.

Olde English geometric tiles were created with versatility in demand - with their customisable properties you can recreate or re-instate period looks, modernise an existing design or create an entirely new one of your own. Their tiles come in squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, and octagons, with step treads and rounded edge options. There are up to 5 sizes for each of these shapes and 25 colours so that you can create an intricate design to your specifications. Border tiles are available to elevate the look of your chosen aesthetic, and all tiles can be used for both interior and exterior purposes due to their hardiness.


Originating in Europe in the late 19th century, encaustic tiles were used to decorate the floors of palaces in St. Petersburg, Barcelona and grand hallways from Paris to Saigon. Today they can be found in countless chic bars, restaurants, and designer-homes in London, Paris and New York. The encaustic technique involves the pattern being inlaid into the body of the tile so that the colour and design remain, even as the tile wears. These differ from ceramic tiles, where the surface pattern is a glaze printed on to the surface of the tile.

Where Olde English Tiles and their designs focus more so on traditional styles, Ca’Pietra’s range of encaustic tiles offers a collection of modern, bold geometric and Moroccan concepts that are designed to make an artistic, personalised statement. If you were to choose their Adam Pattern tile, for example, you’d get an on-trend monochrome look perfect for contemporary interiors - this tile is also irresistibly tactile thanks to its three-dimensional cube pattern. This design also comes in the Adam Sulphur variety, blending the greys with mustard yellow for ultra-modern rooms.

Their Modern Lattice tiles feature an intricate trellis pattern set against a choice of vibrant yellow, Moroccan blue or subtle pale grey background colours. When used in the bathroom, these tiles make for stunning feature walls and sophisticated flooring options, decorated with a wonderfully intricate pattern. Lastly, their innovative Lily Pad pattern tiles come in three colours that can be combined - the tiles themselves can be rotated to create three completely different designs. The colours are denim, marine, and clay.


It is rumoured that terrazzo tiles were created by builders in Venice as an inexpensive flooring material to surface outdoor areas surrounding their living quarters. Originally, terrazzo consisted of chips of scrap marble, set in clay and then sealed with goat’s milk. From their humble origins, terrazzo tiles have since braced the hands of expert craftsmen, using industrial grinders and human-made resins to create elegant designs. These handmade designs utilise natural pigments, cement, and marble chips. For tiles that retain authentic vintage, handmade charm, yet are also remarkably durable, look no further.

Their Monza tiles feature a weaving pattern design with circle motifs - creating a modern, sleek aesthetic with subtle grey and blue shades for contemporary spaces. Another of their designs, the Firenze patterned tile, is more ornately designed and would be well suited in Victorian and period renovations. With their distinctive grainy appearance, terrazzo tiles are fantastic at creating a vintage feel.

We hope that with this guide you should have some insight into the tiles that we offer. Whether you’re renovating, reinstating or creating your perfect period property from scratch, the array of tile styles and designs that we offer are sure to help you achieve your dream home.