The Beauty of The Cast Iron Fireplace

Who doesn’t love the allure of a cosy, welcoming fireplace? Not only do they act as sources of relaxation after a long day at work, but they also make for excellent focal points in your home. With a fireplace, you can transform a bland room into one with character, warmth and charm – especially if you have a period home.

Here at Period Property Store, we sell a stunning range of period-inspired cast iron fireplaces by Carron. Whether you’re fond of Edwardian grandeur and simplicity, whimsical Art Nouveau patterns or ostentatious Victorian style, our catalogue of products is sure to have something for you. Carron takes great pleasure in creating their fireplaces, which are finished by hand in their Lincolnshire based workshop.

First the fireplace – or the insert – is cast in shape it is to retain, along with the grate. This makes the final product extremely durable and extremely stable when exposed to the heat of fire, meaning that it will not twist or warp under high temperatures. Casting with liquid iron means that it can be poured into moulds with complex angles, corners and motifs; the final product is one unified piece possessing the hardness of cast iron and the delicacy of finer details. Cast iron is also known for its durability and ability to hold heat for a long duration when compared to modern heating solutions.

When people think of cast iron fireplaces, they imagine two categories: the flamboyant style of the early Victorian Gothic revival and the later, more subdued designs inspired by the architecture of the time. Late Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces are often characterised by elongated linear lines, taking influence from the arts and crafts movement. Art Nouveau fireplaces, on the other hand, featured elements from nature such as flowers, stems and buds.

With a cast iron fireplace, ornate detailing and motifs go into creating a statement that your guests will be drawn to as soon as they enter the room. You could also save a significant amount of money annually on your energy bills if you choose to go for a fireplace. Having said that, choosing a fireplace to suit your home’s style isn’t always easy… that’s why we’ve compiled a few looks below for inspiration. Let’s take a look…

This monochrome bedroom look is a fantastic example of how to capture and really enhance your home’s architectural features. Using a minimalist aesthetic, whites and greys, the black, moody allure of the cast iron really stands out. This whitewashed style is adopted by a lot of period homeowners who yearn for a style that is somewhere between contemporary and traditional. You don’t lose out on the beautiful original features that your house possesses, yet your existing furniture won’t look out of place. The space has a sense of grandeur that it would have had when it was built, even with those blinds, too.



Just look at that beautiful surround. The styling of this living room moves further away from striking a balance between contemporary and traditional, instead opting for modern styling. The only thing that isn’t modern is the fireplace – which is what makes it look so perfect. Instead of using traditional decoration, the homeowner has opted to create drama with a dark grey feature wall, and finished the room with quirky retro accessories. The things that stand out about this fireplace are the detailing and the bold lines which contrast with flower motifs.



Now that’s what you call grandeur. We wanted to give you two contemporary looks first so that we could compare them to what’s possible if you commit to traditional period decor. As you can see, the fireplace forms part of a larger collection of detailed motifs in the room. From the beautiful cornicing to the traditional crystal chandelier, this room has that ostentatious quality that was so popular during the Victorian era. Everywhere you look, there’s an attempt to elevate the room to create sophistication. The fireplace is the feature that ties the entire room together, giving a sense of structure and allowing for symmetry. The white surround against the cast iron fireplace is an excellent use of colour to create a touch of elegance.



Again, this is more of a traditional look. It embraces Victorian colours with its use of darker tones throughout the entire room, rather than just on one feature wall. This fireplace showcases a more understated design, creating a function over form sort of feel, which we love. The style is simple fitting into a larger look that still feels crisp and modern, but primarily uses traditional principles of Victorian decoration. And that mirror is beautiful.



This decorative surround is part of Carron’s collection and boasts curved scroll shapes that protrude from either side of the fire, with flower motifs inside the mantle in a wonderful display of intricate decoration. The rest of the room is styled traditionally, with wood panelling and traditional flooring. These design elements come together to create a premium, decadent aesthetic that would elevate any home to the next level.



To showcase a different style, we’ve chosen this Edwardian inspired fireplace. The Belgrave surround is fantastic in full polish and uses a subtle combination of straight line finishes for an imposing finish. The frame has been paired with the Royal insert, also in full polish. This insert commands attention and follows suit with bold lines for a look that demands intention. We absolutely love the final product – it’s reminiscent of Hollywood and Gatsby glamour, and would definitely enhance your home’s sense of sophistication. For more inspiration, be sure to explore our full range of cast iron fireplaces by Carron

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