Part 2: Ways to Create a Period Feel in Your Home

If you’re visiting us here at Period Property Store, there’s a high chance that you’re a fan of styles of the past, whether it be Victorian, Edwardian or something else entirely! Achieving period styles can be tough to recreate if you’re unfamiliar with design principles and innovations from the era that you’re trying to emulate.

In part one of this guide, we discussed considering which era you’d like to recreate, and how you can use fabrics, colours and your home’s architectural features to best achieve a period look. In this post, we’re going to discuss lighting, bathrooms, accessories and details for the perfect finishing touches.



Lighting is an opportunity to create more drama in your home – it allows you to alter the tone, atmosphere and mood of any room with ease. Great lighting can also make spaces appear larger and draw attention to certain parts of each room. Chandeliers with ornate details and flamboyant designs are sure to grab attention in any period setting where high ceilings are present – and glass detailing will elevate the space with a sense of sophistication, much like the ostentatious style of Victorian homes. Our range of lights from Impex is excellent for creating a statement, with beautifully intricate crystal chandeliers perfect for recreating period grandeur. If you’re looking for a blend of styles, industrial lighting also fits period styles seamlessly by reinventing designs of the past.

(Above: Emmie Ceiling Light by Impex)


Again, you want to make a note of your home’s design features; fireplaces are great spaces to add wall lights for ambience, and allow you to highlight the size of a room when placed in the alcoves either side of the fire. Furthermore, styling with symmetry in mind will always give your home a polished, high-end and thought out feel. Another great way to achieve an elegant aesthetic is to use grouping. This works particularly well with traditionally styled industrial lights; above your dining room table or an island in your kitchen, a group of three pendant lights is sure to create impact where your rooms need it most. For a range of unique, beautifully designed industrial lights, be sure to check out our collections by Industville and Original BTC. Original BTC’s innovative ceramic shades make for enchanting statement pieces that your guests will love. Explore our full lighting range here. (Below: Fin 7 Light Pendant by Original BTC)

Accessories and details

Next, we’re going to talk about the little details that will add up to create a truly authentic period feel in your home. In the last post, we talked about Minton tile restoration or reinstatement, which is something you’ll want to consider for your hall for that initial first impression as guests walk into your home. To create a seamless period style, detailed cornicing and panelling will recreate the focus on ornamentation in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, while also giving that high-end aesthetic. To take your home to the next level, doors can make a huge impact. Here at Period Property Store, we sell our own range of authentic period-style exterior doors so that you can nail that first impression. If you’re interested in Victorian gothic designs, try The Darrington (as seen below)… or you could create an Edwardian style with The Ardsley.

For additional details, architectural hardware such as traditionally styled knockers, handles, locks can give your home a real sense of character. Age old crafting principles go into From The Anvil’s collection of period, medieval and Tudor inspired designs. Their comprehensive range of ironmongery products is available in various finishes including Beeswax, Black, Antique pewter, brass and polished chrome. Croft also sells timeless, intricately crafted ironmongery for a hint of elegance. Their specialist items furnish 5-star hotels, stately homes, royal palaces, castles, period, heritage and listed buildings and much more. The team is always working with clients on bespoke projects around the world.  The devil is in the details, and these are the details that will make a noticeable difference when recreating a period home.

For maximum authenticity, you could totally transform your home with cast iron radiators and traditional fireplaces. We already touched on this in part one of the guide – however, we feel it’s important to repeat. Cast iron takes slightly longer to heat up, but it retains heat for an extended period of time, it’s robust, and radiators come in an array of designs from subtle to wonderfully detailed. Contemporary radiators suffer from a lack of models – and, without radiator covers, really do look out of place in period homes. The allure of the cast iron radiator lies in its ability to be timeless and ornately beautiful – reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution at the height of Victorian sophistication and ostentatious interior design principles.



Now that we’ve talked about the other rooms of your home, let’s talk bathrooms. Bathrooms are often overlooked and simply styled with modern bathroom suites. From high-level traditional cisterns to Art Nouveau and Victorian styles, creating an opulent period bathroom couldn’t be easier than it is with Imperial’s stunning catalogue. An Imperial bathroom is for the discerning buyer who enjoys lavish styles and finishes across their home – those who recognise British-made quality and individuality when they see it.

Imperial’s traditionally styled double ended and slipper baths are made with fully vitrified porcelain of the highest quality so they’ll last for years to come. You only need to take a closer look at the finish of any piece of Imperial ceramic, and you will see a flawlessly smooth surface, beneath layer upon layer of brilliant glaze. All of their ceramic pieces are produced with robust vitreous China for optimum quality. With period-inspired taps, brackets and tiles, you can quickly create a dramatic Victorian or Edwardian aesthetic.

For maximum impact, their freestanding baths act as stunning statement pieces with beautifully adorned cast iron feet and detailing. Their Westminster basin stands are inspired by console tables and fill any bathroom with grandeur and opulence – providing an elegant alternative to pedestal or furniture-mounted sinks. You can even choose from solid Marble or Granite console tops for a premium, lavish aesthetic.


Well, there you have it. This guide should help you with creating your own period space with advice on lighting, bathroom, accessories and finishing touches. With Period Property Store, your dream property is only one step away.

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