How to Choose the Perfect Fireplace for Your Period Home

Adding a fireplace to your property creates a space where family members, friends and guests can gather at the heart of your home. As a quintessential feature of period properties, ornate detailing and beautiful designs make the fireplaces that we offer authentic and true to past styles. Transform your space and elevate your home to new levels of comfort and elegance with the welcoming warmth of flame.


When selecting a new fireplace, there are many factors to take into consideration. Room size is a dictating element of choosing the size and style of your fireplace. Of course, decorating style is also of importance when selecting a piece that will seamlessly punctuate your room or your home’s existing features. With so many options to choose from, you’ll want to go for something that is the right size, has the right features and is positioned so that you receive the optimum heat and aesthetic that you desire. The structure of your home, its original architectural features, and fuel sources are also important factors to take into account.


Of course, if your home’s chimneys aren’t in suitable condition, you’ll have to tackle this issue first. Safety is your primary concern – and having an open fire in your home will always pose potential hazards. If you have kids, it’s essential to have plans to supervise and manage accidents, such as one of your little monkeys walking past a burning stove and innocently brushing their hand over it. Furthermore, where you live can be important – if you live in a Smoke Control Area (SCA), you cannot burn fuel that emits smoke. You’ll have to burn smokeless coal on an open fire or in a stove – or choose a clean-burning stove that produces low emissions.


Be sure to check the width of your flue and the level of ventilation that your chimney can offer. Building regulations also require that you have a slab hearth, made of non-combustible material that is of adequate size and thickness. Measure up your chimney breast before deciding on any particular styles – and be sure to double check to ensure a perfect fit. Energy efficiency should also be one of your priorities. Stoves boast the best efficiency, with less heat escaping through your chimney and instead filling the room.


Here at Period Property Store, we offer cast iron combination fires, stoves, inserts, as well as cast iron and wooden surrounds. Not only this, but we also sell spares, matching flues and fireplace accessories for our Carron stoves. All of the fires that we offer use solid fuels, for the authentic feel of a traditional fire – choose from our open fire or multi-fuel stove options.


Cast Iron inserts and surrounds are beautiful character pieces that are designed to highlight your home’s original features. We understand the importance of reinstating and maintaining traditional design features of your period home. Whether your property is Victorian, Georgian, or of another era entirely, a cast iron fireplace creates a fantastic focal point in your home.



Overflowing with rustic period charm and personality, our cast iron combination fires are the insert, shelf and surround combined into one piece for practicality – these options are also cheaper than choosing your fireplace components separately. With black and polished finishes, our stunning range of Art Nouveau, Georgian Victorian-led designs possess spectacular detailing so that you can find the ideal aesthetic for your home with ease. For further customisation options, some of our fireplaces are also accompanied by tile holders within the framing to draw the eye and add to the striking nature of the fireplace as a whole.




A multi-fuel stove may be another option that interests you if you’re looking to create a cosy, rustic aesthetic. Stoves are an efficient and clean way to enjoy a real fire – boasting up to 85% efficiency compared to open fireplaces. Multi-fuel burners are classic in design and extremely practical. The cast iron stoves that we sell are incredibly efficient when burning wood and come with a host of features – including a secondary air inlet for cleaner glass and improved combustion. All Carron burners come with adjustable door handles and fire rope compression for optimum heating potential. Multi-fuel grates and external riddle grate mechanisms with removable handles make for easy ash disposal. A stove with a large window will give you a clear view of your fire burning away, creating a peaceful ambiance.


You can purchase stoves in various kilowatt ratings, depending on the purpose and area that you’ll be heating. If you’re looking to heat a smaller room, you’ll want a compact burner with a lower rating, such as 4.7kw. If you have a bigger space, plan on heating multiple rooms or even your whole house, we sell 5kw, 7.3kw, and 11kw options too. Note that with the smaller stoves, only top flue installation is available, whereas the larger sizes also have the option of a rear flue. Stoves are ideal for adding personality to a room – with 11 enamel coated colours, from blue or cream to gunmetal black, ash grey, red and many more.




Having the option to choose your insert and surround separately makes for more personalisation opportunities if you decide to go for a cast iron fireplace. Inserts are generally used in smaller rooms, such as bedrooms, and have long been an integral feature of Victorian, Edwardian and Federation properties. Our molded cast iron pieces make for elegant, timeless fireplaces – echoing past styles that you can enjoy for years to come. Designs typically range from understated, sleek features while others are carefully and ornately curated with detailed motifs. Having the choice of different cast iron surrounds can really help you to set off a room with dramatic character, too. With elaborate, flamboyant shapes or simple sharp lines, you can dictate the overall mood of your interior spaces.



Lastly, you might want to consider a wooden surround for a more versatile feel. Wooden surrounds can can come in a range of different materials and finishes, including solid oak, solid pine, fruitwood, acacia, and Sheesham – with distressed, unwaxed, waxed and weathered finishes available to choose from. Wood is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, offering natural warmth and beauty for a welcoming atmosphere. The natural properties of wood make for a reliable, durable surround option. We offer rustic, authentic period designs as well as designs with modern twists to help accentuate your home’s period roots while certain designs won’t look out of place in contemporary properties. A wooden surround is a great way to create a lavish aesthetic that gives a grand first impression for your guests.


Well, there you have it. We hope that this guide helped to give you some ideas of the styles of fireplaces that you can choose from. Whether you’re looking to reinstate your home’s original features or create an ambient, cosy contemporary space, hopefully, you now have a better idea of the kind of styles and materials that you might consider.

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