Design Trend – Inky / Dark Interior Inspiration

The growing trend for dark and inky interiors has really caught our eye recently. From large light filled spaces to small dark rooms, dark walls can not only work, but they’re surprisingly versatile and can look incredible when done well.

After the popularity of the light, bright and minimal Scandi style being fashionable in interiors in recent years, it feels refreshing to embrace the depth and intensity of these darker shades.

Dark colours don’t have to be sullen, they can make such a great backdrop for lots of different textures and colours. Opulent textiles like plush velvet, silk, woven rattans and statement rugs add depth to your interior and layering your space with luxurious materials like slate, ebony and leather can achieve a style that’s smart and sophisticated.

Here are some of our favourite dark interiors from our some of our suppliers:

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